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Kahrs Wood Flooring for All of Your Entertaining Needs  


If you like to entertain a lot than you know you want your home to look as beautiful as possible. Whether you have your friends over for a fun cook-out and sit on the back patio, you know that later towards the evening you all will be going inside of your home. You want your home to look clean, inviting and gorgeous. One way to attain this is to have hardwood floors installed into your home. Not only will it look lovely but it is simple to take care of. 


Kahrs Wood Flooring


Kahrs American Traditional  


Hardwood floors are much easier than taking care of carpeting. For instance, you can simply sweep or use a small vacuum (for non-carpet floors) on your hardwood floors to make the floors look nice and clean in a jiffy. If you have spills on your hardwood floors you can simply take a cloth and wipe the spill up. If you have carpeting than you may need to take water to pat the stain down and try to soak up as much of it as possible. Then you will need to put some type of stain remover on it. Next you may even have to shampoo your carpeting to keep it looking stain-free and beautiful.  


Perhaps you have your family over every Sunday. You may hold holidays at your house for your small or very large family. Either way, you want your home to look comfortable and inviting. You want people to come over and come back again after a wonderful experience at your beloved home. You may entertain more formally at times. You may have your spouse’s boss and other co-workers for dinner. You want your home spic and span especially at this time.  


You can have lovely hardwood floors when you choose Kahrs Wood Flooring. Kahrs wood flooring offers twelve main styles of flooring. Each one of the twelve hardwood floors come in different colors. For instance, you can choose American Naturals Hardwood Flooring. Kahrs American Naturals Hardwood Flooring comes in the wood choices of american cherry, hard maple, red oak, and walnut. You have twelve choices of colors and styles in the American Naturals Hardwood Flooring alone. 


Kahrs World Naturals


Kahrs Shine Collection  


Kahrs Wood Flooring carries a Boardwalk Collection. You have four choices in the Boardwalk Collection for your home or business. The Kahrs Boardwalk Flooring Collection is different, in that, it will give you different looks due to the staining technique that is used on it.  


Would you like to have your floors look like the hardwood floors in European cottages? If so, check out the Kahrs Castle & Cottage Flooring selection. You have a choice of darker woods to lighter woods depending on which style is right for you and your home.  


All Kahrs Wood Flooring is gorgeous and durable. It can be used in between carpeting or tile. You can use Kahrs Wood Flooring against sliding glass doors or fireplaces. You may overlap the Kahrs Wood Flooring so that you minimize the noise level in your home; this is great if you have a bedroom downstairs and people are walking in and out of the kitchen. If you have a recreational room downstairs and you and your family like to watch movies down there, you do not want to hear any of the other family in the house walking around when you are trying to concentrate and enjoy your movie. Use the Kahrs Wood Flooring to block out noise on the stairs in your home as well. 


Kahrs American Naturals Maple Alberta


Kahrs European Naturals Oak Sienna  


You will love the variety of options you have with Kahrs Hardwood Flooring. Each one of these options has a different price to keep your pocketbook happy.

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